Anonymous asked:

Which books inspired Middens/Gingiva?

middens answered:

Middens was partly inspired by the story of Vivian banishing Merlin.

Generally its suggested Vivian sealed Merlin into the trunk of a tree or within a cave, but to my imagination’s taste she entrapped the wizard between dimensions. From there the idea of the Rift began to congeal. Perhaps.

Gingiva was woven from a dream I had many years ago. In the dream I was a teacher to a girl who was failing in school. I accompanied her on test day. While sitting among her class mates I guided her through each question until we came to a problem showing several portraits billeted in an ‘a through d’ style multiple choice. One of the pictures was of the school’s headmaster and the girl tapped it and revealed to me that this man had been abusing the students.

I immediately grabbed the pencil I had been using to tutor, approached the headmaster who was overseeing the children, and stabbed him in the temple. He sat unphased with the pencil poking half way deep into his head and I realized he was only a doll. This was followed by the revelation that the school itself was subterfuge, and the students were being used as slave labor to manufacture endless spare parts for the head master.

Several shadowy characters emerged and began tending to the wound I inflicted; replacing one head for another, while I attempted to escape with the girl I had been hired to tutor. She behaved apathetic and clumsy drunk, as if she had no free will and I was disconcerted by her zombie like lethargy.

We took the stairs with vague monsters in pursuit. The girl I pushed in front  and I followed in back to fight off those chasing behind. The passage we fled to began to gradually narrow forcing us to eventually crawl. The confined space was too tight for me to see ahead, and I didn’t know if there was a way out.

 I couldn’t be sure the path didn’t corner into a dead end, I could only trust it didn’t because the girl kept moving forward.

I woke up before we escaped.


That’s quite a dream you had.